Our continuous endeavors and skillful expertise in the Dynamic Balancing industry supports us to offer reliable and the best of our Service. We possess advanced tools and techniques and handled by our qualified team of professionals to serve the clients. Gee Vee engineering is an ideal company at your service to offer best possible services at most economical rates.

Balancing Services (For Heavy Jobs)

Gee Vee engineering offers best solutions in Balancing Service requirements for all types of heavy industrial jobs. We have advanced computerized dynamic balancing facility helps us to analyze the precise correction position & unbalance weight in grams, which balances any type of rotary elements.

We have all required setup & facilities for balancing the jobs at our factory. We can support the heavy weight job up to 25 Tons. We have Overhead Cranes for loading, unloading and handling of the material.

We have technically advanced balancing equipment installed at our workshop allows us to balance any type of rotors weighing up to 25 Tons. Our Computerized balancing machines enable us to balance wide range of equipment from small electric motors to large industrial fans, rotor or rolls. Our machine has a variety of pedestal configuration to cater for an extensive range of jobs.

We offer excellent balancing solutions for rotors that are precise, reliable & cost effective.

Dynamic Balancing

Gee Vee Engineering provides Dynamic Balancing as per ISO 1940-1973E standards. We possess a highly equipped, first class Dynamic Balancing facility at Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai, India to undertake any type of critical or complex jobs.

  • Weight: 25 Kgs to 25,000 Kgs
  • Maximum Diameter: 4000 mm
  • Maximum Length: 8000 mm

With the help of our large range of abilities and practical experience in production and trouble-shooting methodologies, we can sort out any Vibration problems within rotating machinery. The integrity of the balancing is regularly maintained by the proper calibration of the balancing machines. Balancing certificates can be raised for all components.

We provide balancing service at our workshops using the latest electronic precision balancing equipment.

  • Workshop capacity ranges from 5 Kgs to 25,000 Kgs and to a maximum length of 8 meters.
  • Most of the components can be accommodated and balanced either to a specific tolerance or the applicable ISO or API specifications.

In some cases, a component may require a mandrel or modification to enable either mounting in the machine or attachment of correction weights. Our skilled engineers can design and manufacture the necessary parts, taking into account the required tolerance.